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Cicely Brown

Online CV

Key Strengths (IMHO)

Is there a particular type of person that you are looking for? This section highlights those characteristics of mine which contribute most value to my working environment.

Intelligence: Having been privileged to have won places at some of the world’s best educational establishments, I have always maximised those opportunities both at the time and by continually building on my knowledge and intellectual skills. Excited to discover more, I am known for asking probing questions that cement my understanding and extend the depth and breadth of my knowledge for better interpretation.

Communication skills: throughout my life, personality and psychometric tests have emphasised my desire and willingness to communicate which I believe to be one of my greatest strengths. My intellect allows me to formulate clear messages, my enthusiasm ensures their delivery is compelling, and I’m not satisfied until I’m convinced the message has been understood.

Excellent office IT application skills: Whilst I can work with all MS Office applications to a high level, I also have a strong grasp of the use of the internet and social media for communications. These skills are rare in senior management allowing me to be self-sufficient and more effective at delivering results. I developed this website and two blogs.

Self motivated and hard working: I live to work and I'm proud of it! I enjoy working and am always committed to getting a job done, despite any hurdles.  

Energetic and enthusiastic: I’m driven to get as much as possible out of any situation. Whether it’s a meeting where the possibility for discovery is dampened by a quiet and uncommunicative audience, or making sure an event is successful despite low initial registration rates, I will explore every avenue and apply all of my skills to ensuring a successful outcome.