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Cicely Brown

Online CV

The leading trade association and business support organisation for the UK printing industry.

03/2005 – 04/2006    Deputy CEO & Director of Corporate Affairs

Helped CEO define BPIF strategic objectives and manage restructuring of the BPIF resulting in revenue growth of average 5% year on year, achieved despite having to meet pension costs equal to 10% of turnover.

  • Ran the process that saw the BPIF become the first UK trade association to use the Trade Association Forum’s Value Added Measurement tool proving members received £83,874,726 in value each year compared to £3,000,000 collected in subscriptions

  • Drove income growth of Information Services department from sponsorship and sales from zero to £20,000 in year one
  • Brought event management in-house and successfully launched the BPIF’s first Print Congress conference (2005) attended by over 150 national and international delegates.
  • Partnered with IPEX organisers IIR and PrintWeek to bring the 2006 BPIF Excellence Awards to IPEX with entries up 50%, attendees up 10% and coverage in over 10 international magazines.
  • Major successes in Public Affairs included changes to Electoral Administration in line with increase in postal ballots, lobbying on methods of public procurement of print and working with OfGem to improve competitiveness of energy supply to SMEs.

04/2006 - 03/2007     Deputy Chief Executive & Commercial Director

Additional remit to develop commercial products to benefit members and provide supplementary income to the BPIF and manage the membership development team.

  • Successfully launched BPIF Energy Buying, energy purchasing consortium with revenue-earning opportunities for BPIF.
  • Re-branded and re-positioned the BPIF’s Commercial Insurance product to halt disastrous slide in previous 12 months that had resulted in loss of 40% revenue.
  • Developed and launched BPIF mergers and acquisitions service, BPIF McInnes Corporate in partnership with McInnes Corporate Finance.
  • Commissioned and successfully implemented Membership Development Plan including monitoring activity plan to achieve key growth objectives
  • Managed and successfully implemented BPIF re-branding project including liaison with staff, members and partner organisations to ensure effective adoption of the new brand.

For more details of my role as BPIF Head of Corporate & External Affairs please click here